Hello Mobile! And Howdy, Scottsdale, AZ!

That’s right. After a couple of weeks reacquainting myself with my wife and son, on Thursday of this week I will be in Mobile, Alabama, at the public library, reading from and talking about MSATNM and anything else you want to talk about.

Then, on Saturday, I’ll be in Scottsdale, Arizona, doing much the same thing. It’s so hot in Scottsdale birds are using potholders to get worms from the ground. That’s how hot it is in Scottsdale.

As usual, the first few people who come out because they saw this advert get a free poster.

(p.s. That’s not an accurate representation of Henry, my son. This is an old drawing. He’s almost as tall as I am now. And that’s really not an accurate representation of Laura, either. She’s much more colorful. But that’s me, exactly. I haven’t changed; I never do.)

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