I can’t believe I just figured this out

. . . but what better place to get advice on where to eat, directions, if this book makes my butt look big and what time I should leave for the airport than from the crowd I have assembled before me just before I begin a reading? I just figured this out last night, in the beautiful town of Fairhope, Alabama (which has a pretty amazing history if you’re interested). I needed to know what time I had to leave Fairhope in order to get to the Mobile airport in time to make my 7:30am flight. After much discussion, the group settled on 5:30, and so that’s what I did. Beth, she of The Coffee Loft, voted for 6, and technically she was correct because I got to the airport and turned in my rental car with time to spare. Beth gave me a free cup of coffee and a delicious fruit muffin this morning (she opens at 5). A great trip, and the official end of my tour! This isn’t the last time you have a chance to hear from me, I’ll be leaving home again, but not on Doubleday’s dime. See you then.

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