And so it begins. Again.

One of the most dismaying things about publishing a book is also one of the most dismaying things about life in general: it’s over way too quickly. Or not quickly enough. What I mean is that it’s something you anticipate for months, for years and then . . . the day arrives! The book is here. Then: Some people like it, some don’t, it sells well but not well-enough, you wish you’d gotten that review in the NYTBR, but then it feels good to hate them . . . so many things happening all it once.

Then: nothing. No readings, no reviews. Bookstores don’t even stock it anymore. Oh, well. That’s the way it goes . . . and then — then —

The paperback!

And it’s a whole new ballgame. Look for it on the shelves in a little over six months.

(not the cover, by the way. I tried to upload it and the colors
were all wrong, so I didn’t)

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