The New Airport in Raleigh

Although that’s not really accurate: it’s a new hub. It serves American Airlines for the most part I think. I was there this weekend on my way to Austin for the Texas Festival of the Book. The airport is very nice. Everything about it is as up-to-date as you can get; they even have those futuristic-looking machines you stand in to get teleported. Or scanned. Whatever.

But the best thing about the new airport? The urinals. These are traditional urinals:

We stand together, like farm animals, and urinate. Unlike farm animals the person next to you is a stranger; at a farm at least you’d know the animal urinating to your left and to your right. But this is something men do every time they go to a public event or a large space of some kind, and I’ve never really looked forward to it. Even if everyone there knows urinal etiquette, it’s unlike anything else a man is expected to do on a (potentially) daily basis.

So I was very happy to see the urinal set-up at the new airport. It’s more like this:

Same urinals, but with a privacy wall between them.

My hats off to the RDU Airport Authority for this sensible innovation.

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